Prescott's Granite Dells Collection

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A subtle sunrise over the Granite Dells in Prescott, Arizona, highlighting lichen-covered rocks resembling toes and victory signs..
New Day's Glow
A golden stairway of rock formations ascending to a blue sky in the Granite Dells during sunset.
The Escalator
A sunlit canyon at Granite Dells with angular rock formations, highlighted by shadows and a blue sky backdrop.
Dells Drama
The morning sung awakens the Granite Giants in Prescott's city park.
Granite Giants
Evening sun illuminating the granite domes over Lake Wilson, contrasting the rugged rocks with the serene ripples of water.
Water And Rock
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One Among Many
Close-up study of Common Mullein stalks, brightly lit against a darker, out-of-focus background.
Common Mullein
A summer sunset at Watson Lake and the Granite Dells in Prescott Arizona.
Granite Dells Sunset
A scrub oak and juniper eke out a living in the crevaces of the granite boulders.
Without much soil, a scrub oak matures along the Flume trail in the Granite Dells.
Dells Scrub Oak
Colorful Lichen grow like fur on the large boulders.
Lime Lichen

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