Monsoon Clouds fill the skies over the San Francisco Lava Field. Colton Crater and Juniper at the San Francisco Lava Field. SP Crater at the San Francico Lava Fields. Because this cinder cone looks like a bread loaf from space. An uncouth litterer left their beer can at a cattle tank. Flagstaff's historic Hotel Monte Vista in pre-dawn light. This large motel sign is south of the Flagstaff railroad tracks. One of three hotels in Flagstaff that has a giant sign on a tower.

"Once again, you made me laugh while teaching me some Southwest lore mixed with fun ramblings. Lovely..." - JH

"I love a good misadventure (and the subsequent story) and wish I could have been there with you two to enjoy this latest one. P.S.: You might want to consider revising the name of your blog to something like, say, “On (and off) the road with Jim...”- JG

"OMG! Is this first part even true??? I was dying it is so Funny! The photo is nice but the story is Great!!! Loved it! True or not..."- DP

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