Flagstaff's historic Hotel Monte Vista in pre-dawn light. This large motel sign is south of the Flagstaff railroad tracks. One of three hotels in Flagstaff that has a giant sign on a tower. The only door between units that I noticed at Walnut Canyon. One of the many Sinaguan dwellings you see on the Island trail in Walnut Canyon. A large ruin on the mesa at Walnut Canyon National Monument. Walnut Creek cuts through Coconino Sandstone on the Colorado Plateau. One of the old tiles I found in Avalon.

"Once again, you made me laugh while teaching me some Southwest lore mixed with fun ramblings. Lovely..." - JH

"I love a good misadventure (and the subsequent story) and wish I could have been there with you two to enjoy this latest one. P.S.: You might want to consider revising the name of your blog to something like, say, “On (and off) the road with Jim...”- JG

"OMG! Is this first part even true??? I was dying it is so Funny! The photo is nice but the story is Great!!! Loved it! True or not..."- DP

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