California: Dunes to Downtown - The Golden State Revealed

Join me on a visual journey through California's stunning landscapes, from the serene dunes of the Algodones to the bustling streets of San Francisco. "Dunes to Downtown" showcases the incredible diversity of the Golden State, capturing everything from its natural beauty to its urban charm.

Desert Whispers: A Photographic Odyssey Through Arizona's Sonoran Desert

Embark on a visual journey with "Desert Whispers," a captivating exploration of Arizona's largest and most diverse desert, the Sonoran.

Hidden Gems of Arizona: Exploring Lesser-Known Mountain Landscapes with Jim

Ever thought you knew Arizona? Think again! Dive into this visual journey into Arizona's mountains.

Southwest Colorado Unveiled: A Journey Through Mesas, Mountains, and Mining Towns.

Join me, Jim Witkowski, as we embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Southwest Colorado.

The Weaver Mountains

A drone portrait of the Weaver Mountain Range near Yarnell, Arziona.

Date Creek Mountains

An aerial drone portrait of the Date Creek Mountain Range near Congress, Arziona..

Vulture Mountain Range

An aerial drone portrait of the Vulture Mountain Range near Wickenburg, Arizona.

Utah's State Route 12

A timelapse video of Utah's beautiful State Route 12 from end to end. The video shows the spots where I found great stops for photography.