Colorado Plateau

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A lone juniper surrounded by lava bombs tossed by Colton Crater.
Colton Crater Juniper
The monsoon rains have turned the grass green that surrouds SP Crater.
SP Crater
A beautiful alligator juniper stands among the wildflower on Thumb Flat.
Thumb Flat
Each year, new erosion reveals hidden fragments of petrified wood.
Blue Mesa
A pair of eroded Chinle Shale formations in the Petrified Forest.
The world famous Horseshoe Bend at sunrise near Page Arizona.
Horseshoe Bend
Malicious spraypainting on ancent pictographs near Cameron Arizona.
Vandalized Graffitti
Wukoki Ruins in the Wupatki National Monument north of Flagstaff Arizona.
Wukoki Ruins
Leaves fallen from a peach tree in the orchard at Lonly Dells Ranch.
Peach Leaves
Home to the ledgendary Spider Woman, this is Spider Rock in Canyon De Chelle
Spider Rock
A winter storm begins to break up behind hoodoos near Page Arizona.
Hoodoo Clearing
The Anasazi Pueblo Whitehouse Ruins in Canyon de Chelly Arizona.
Whitehouse Ruins
A desert lizard (Larry) trys to warm up on the wall of Antalope Canyon.
Antalope Larry
The winter sun tries to penetrate the depths of Antalope Canyon.
Antalope Canyon 03
Protrusion in Lower Antalope Canyon.
Antalope Canyon 01
Navajo Sandstone beneith the Vermillion Cliffs.
White Outcrop


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