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I’d love to hear your comments, suggestions and requests for more information. Unfortunately, if I just leave an email address up, I get offers to buy Canadian drugs, body parts enhancements and unsolicited offers to pay me money for cashing inheritance checks. There are even automated systems gathering email addresses from the Web and selling them to spammers.

I still want to hear from you, so I can give you a couple of ways to contact me. If you would like to contact me via email, use the form on this page and I'll get your message and get back to you. If you don't include a legitimate email, the form will explode your computer.

A more traditional method is snail mail. It’s slow but it eventually gets here. Just drop me a note to this address:

Jim Witkowski
P.O. Box 354
Congress, Arizona 85332

Either way, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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