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Vintage Arrowhead Lodge sign in Gallup, New Mexico on Route 66
Arrowhead Lodger
Abandoned motel sign atop a closed motel in Gallup, New Mexico
Red Motel Sign
Vintage Blue Spruce Lodge sign in Gallup, New Mexico on Route 66
Blue Spruce
Neon sign of Jerry's Cafe, a Mexican-American restaurant in Gallup, New Mexico
Jerry's Cafe
Colorful petrified wood logs under a dramatic sky at Petrified Forest's Rainbow Room with the White Mountains on the horizon
Clouds Over Color
Two vibrant red petrified logs in the middle of Petrified Forest National Park against a desert backdrop.
Timeless Twins
Several large pieces of petrified wood clustered together in Petrified Forest's agate section
Agate Assembly
Deep erosional textures of the Chinle Formation seen from Blue Mesa walkway in Petrified Forest National Park
Chinle Canvas
White tee pee-shaped motel rooms with classic car parked outside on Route 66 in Holbrook, Arizona
Nostalgic Nights
Wide-angle photo of playful dinosaur sculptures in a rock shop yard in Holbrook, Arizona, with petrified wood for sale
Petrified Pals
Faded green signage on an abandoned gas station under dramatic sky in Holbrook, Arizona.
Deserted Drive Up
Old Holbrook train station sign with Santa Fe logo on a building repurposed as a warehouse along the railroad tracks
Holbrook Depot