New Work

These photos are from the last few months. To see a larger size, click on any of the thumbnails below.

When seen from the backside, Lomaki's tall walls resemble the craters that surround it.
Lomaki Crater
A mysterious doorway between Lomaki rooms beckons you to explore further.
Ancient Door
The tall walls of Lomaki Pueblo always look like the wind will blow them over.
A pair of ruins stand on the cliffs above Box Canyon in Wupatki National Monument.
Box Canyon
Monsoon clouds fill the skies over craters at the San Francisco Lava Fields.
Clouds Over Cratersr
A lone juniper surrounded by lava bombs tossed by Colton Crater.
Colton Crater Juniper
The cinder-cone mountain on the Babbitt Ranch known as S.P. Mountain.
S.P. Mountain
A volcanic crater that looks like a bread loaf from Google Earth.
Split Top
Careless litterers left a beer can on the Babbit Ranch in northern Arizona.
Beer Can
Flagstaff's historic Hotel Monte Vista in the pre-dawn light.
Hotel Monte Vista
On the south side of Flagstaff's railroad tracks is the Motel Downtower sign.
Motel Downtowner
One of three hotels in Flagstaff with a giant sign on a tower.
Motel Du Beau
The only doorway between units that I noticed at Walnut Canyon NM.
Secret Passage
One of the many Sinaguan dwellings you'll see on the Island trail.
Corner Unit
A large ruin on the mesa at Walnut Canyon National Monument.
Sinagua Pueblo
Walnut Creek cuts through the Coconino Sandstone on the Colorado Plateau.
Walnut Creek Bend
A ceramic tile depicting Cabrillo's Spanish Galleon.
Galleon Tile
Discovering what really is under a Scotish kilt.
Kilt Lifter
Morning fog blankets the Avalon Harbor.
Harbor Fog
A brown pelican waits on the Avalon Pier for fishermen to haul in lunch.
The world famous Avalon Casino.
The Ricardson Homestea water tank.
Water Tank
The west face of the Richardson family homestead in the morning.
Side Yard