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Snow-covered Weaver Mountains with clouds caressing the peaks, viewed from Congress, Arizona
Creosote and Brittlebush
Creosote and Brittlebush dotting the red desert landscape of Valley of Fire State Park under a clear blue sky.
Creosote and Brittlebush
A towering red sandstone rock formation standing prominently against a clear blue sky in the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.
Petroglyph Trail
A towering red sandstone formation illuminated by the golden light of the sun, set against the clear blue sky in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.
Twilight Ember
Red sandstone formations at Valley of Fire State Park, symbolizing the beauty of geologic processes over millennia.
Nature's Palette
Weathered coffee shop sign on the side of a historic hotel in Oatman, Arizona, with an A-frame house looming in the background and a saloon to the left.
Hotel Coffee Shop
Vintage Red Crown gas pumps in Oatman, Arizona, along the famed Route 66, evoking the golden era of American road travel.
Red Crown Pumps
Vintage red and white diner trailer tucked away in an alley of Oatman, Arizona, along historic Route 66.
Hidden Americana
Vintage cars parked under a waving American flag at Cool Springs Station on Route 66, Oatman, Arizona.
Relics and Flags
WPA-built stone dam between rock formations in Gold Butte National Monument, captured by Jim Witkowski.
Brown layered Navajo Sandstone uplifted and eroded by fault activity in Whitney Pocket, with unusual rounded edges and color variation.
Geologic Puzzel
Intricate Fremont People petroglyphs on a high cliff face at Whitney Pocket, challenging understanding of their creation.
Cliffside Chronicals