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Double rainbows arching over State Route 71 with dark golden clouds and the Weaver Mountains in the background, Congress, Arizona.
Guilded Road Home
Golden-light silhouette of Joshua Trees with a dark, stormy sky over Date Creek Range in Arizona.
Storm-Lit Skies
A sun-kissed Arizona landscape showcasing erosion patterns on basalt rock formations, a tear in the earth, and desert flora like Palo Verde and Saguaro.
Erosion and Elevation
Two sedimentary cliff prominence eroded to form preliminary hoodoos, captured during the golden hour near Big Sandy River, Arizona.
Shadows and Spires
A subtle sunrise over the Granite Dells in Prescott, Arizona, highlighting lichen-covered rocks resembling toes and victory signs.
New Day's Glow
A golden stairway of rock formations ascending to a blue sky in the Granite Dells during sunset.
Escalator Effect
 A sunlit canyon at Granite Dells with angular rock formations, highlighted by shadows and a blue sky backdrop.
Dells' Drama
Golden morning light illuminating the rugged landscape of Granite Dells, with Glassford Summit in the background.
Granite Giants
Mount Ord from the west side, showing its majestic peaks and pine-covered heights.
Mount Ord
Majestic view of Mazatzal Range with Saddle Mountain silhouette at Rincon Pass.
Saddle Mountain
Mountains, canyons, and Sycamore Creek with its hidden swimming hole.
Sycamore Creek
Black Mesa: A stunning basalt pyramid rising majestically in the rugged beauty of the Mazatzal Mountains.
Black Mesa