New Work

These photos are from the last few months. To see a larger size, click on any of the thumbnails below.

The world famous Avalon Casino.
The Ricardson Homestea water tank.
Water Tank
The west face of the Richardson family homestead in the morning.
Side Yard
A discarded box spring left by the fireplace inside the Richardson house.
Cozy Bed by the Fire
The Richardsons provided travelers with food, gas, and shelter at this homestead.
Richardson House
Dos Cabezas Mountains are a landmark along the Arizona - New Mexico border near Willcox.
Dos Cabezas Mountain
An abandoned dwelling in Dos Cabezas Arizona.
White House
An adobe wall in ruin in Dos Cabezas Arizona.
Adobe Ruin
In remote parts of Arizona it's common for ranchers to build their own arifield.
Cochise Ranch Airfield
The 8087' high Cochise Head peak in Cochise County, Arizona.
Cochise Head
A secluded room at the end of the Grotto Trail in Chiricahua National Monument.
The Grotto
A rock along the Grotto Treail that looked like a tulip to me
Tulip Rock
A balanced rock formation that looks like a rabbit if you have a buzz on
Stoned Bunny
The Organ Pipe Formation on the wall of Bonita Canyon.
Organ Pipes
A cowboy museum for Willcox's famous native, Rex Allen.
Past and Future
Built as a boarding house for traveling army officers stationed near Willcox, Arizona.
Schwertner House
Early  morining light on a bar front in Willcox Arizona.
Mack's Bar
The Willcox train depot's peaked roofs.
Willcox Depot
Afternoon shadwoas grow long on the Eagletail Mountains.
The Point
Courthouse Rock is a large granite monolith west of Phoenix.
Courthouse Rock
Eagletail Peak displays its tailfeathers at sunrise.
Eagletail Peak
The Eagletail Mountains as seen from the Harquahala Plain.
The tracks that I made on a dune in the Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area.
My Tracks
The last 15 miles of the Algodones Dunes are a wilderness area so you have to hike.
Wilderness Dune