Colorado Collection

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From the top of Cinnamon Pass in Colorado's San Juan Mountains.
Cinnamon Pass
Late afternoon sun shining on the peak of Tuttle Mountain, overlooking Poughkeepsie Gulch in Colorado.
Poughkepse Gultch
View of Lake Como surrounded by lush foliage and rugged mountains, located in Colorado's San Juan Mountains.
Lake Como
Breathtaking view from Engineer Pass, showcasing Engineer Mountain and ancient mule trails.
Engineer Pass
Step House Ladder leading to Ancestral Puebloan ruins in Mesa Verde, with varnished cliff face as backdrop.
Step House Ladder
Aerial view of Tower House ruins in Mesa Verde, capturing a four-story tower and adjacent apartment-like structure against a backdrop of varnished walls.
Tower House
Sunlit kivas in front of multi-level ancient dwellings at Sunset House, framed by an arching, varnished cave wall with trees in the lower right corner.
Sunset House
A layered sandstone canyon wall streaked with black varnish, housing light-colored ancient ruins.
Black Ruins
Twilight Peak under sunlight with other peaks in shadow, cumulus clouds scattered in a blue sky
Twilight Peak
A contemporary view of Kendall Mountain, framed by the vibrant architecture of Silverton’s Main Street.
Modern Silverton
Red and blue hues create an optical illusion on Ouray's Red Mountain
Red Mountain
Rustic cabin nestled at the base of towering mountains with lush greenery and a clear blue sky.
Mountain Cabin

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