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This is a set of hoodoos in Devil's Garden along Utah's State Highway 12.
Devil's Garden Window
This is one of the gnomes in Devil's Garden along Utah's State Highway 12.
Devil's Garden Gnome
A photo of an barn with a split rail fence in Escalante Utah
Barn and Split Rail Fence
A historic brick house in Escalante Utah found along state route 12.
Escalante Brick House
The sun rises over the petrified sand dunes along Utah's state route 12
Dunes Sunrise
A black round rock resting at the bottom of petrified sand dunes on the Burr Trail in Utah.
Black Dune Rock
A gray shed on a blustery day taken in Henryville Utah.
Gray Shed
A red log trailer found along the roadside in Henryville Utah.
Log Trailer
The white facade of a closed up store in Henryville Utah
Whte Henryville Store
A late snowfall in Bryce Canyon veiles the hoodoos.
Snowfall on Hoodoo
Erosion has undermined the root system of this littl fur tree at Bryce Canyon Utah
Walking Tree
White tips of hoodoos in Bryce Canyon, Utah
White Hoodoos
Purple Towers
Purple Towers
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