Sonoran Desert

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During the summer's heat, the joshua trees drop unnecessary leaves.
Summer Joshua
A mature saguaro grows along the banks of the Blue Tank Wash in Wickenburg, Arizona.
Blue Tank Saguaro
A fish-hook barrel cactus enjoys a Saguaro National Park sunset.
Fish-hook Barrel Cactus
A close up of a saguaro that doesn't shave its arm pits.
Arm Pits
Common in northern Mexico, the organ pipe cactus only grows in the US south of Ajo, Arizona.
Organ Pipe Cactus
Rising above its surrounding foothills, Ajo Mountain is the centerpiece of a 19 mile loop.
Ajo Mountain
Hiking in a canyon carved from mud, an arch awaits at the trails end.
Mud Arch
Purple Owl's Clover growing on the Sonoran Desert floor in spring.
Hassayampa Clover
A yucca high in the Poachie Mountans still has its dried seed head in winter..
Poachie Yucca
A partal moon rising over the KOFA range in Western Ariozna.
KOFA Moonrise
The Milky Way hangs over the KOFA range in Western Arizona.
KOFA Milky Way
A nice arrangement of saguaro in the afternoon sunlight near Wickenburg, Arizona.
Saguaro Bouquet
A thunderhead cloud in the sunset over the Weaver Range in Congress, Arizona
Thunderhead Sunset
A monsoon storm comes through the Yarnell Pass down into Congress, Arizona.
From Yarnell
Martinez Creek cuts a gorge through granite near Congress, Arizona.
Martinez Creek
The setting sun shines on a prickly peark and hills near Bagdad.
Prickly Pear and Bagdad Hills
Bright Claret Cup blossoms in Congress, Arizona.
Claret Cup
Hot pink blossoms on a long thorn cholla in Congress, Arizona.
Long Thorn Cholla Blossoms
A barrel cactus and off-shoot in Congress, Arizona.
Barrel Cacti
A warm spring sunset on Vulture Peak near Wickenburg, Arizona.
Vulture Peak
Blooming brittlebush before a lichen covered outcrop.
Lichen and Brittlebush
Joshua tree and the Date Creek Range.
Date Creek Joshua
Prickly Pear cactus blossome in various stages of blossome.
Pink Prickly Pear Progression
Brittle bush in the Mohawk Range
Mohawk Brittlebush
Thunderclouds and rainbows over Grayback Mountain.
Grayback Mountain


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