Alaska Collection

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A swan browses on a lake north of the Alaska Range near Tok Alaska.
Alaska Range Summer
A long low cloud obscures the mountains in Turnagain Pass on the Kenai, Alaska.
Turnagain Pass
St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Sewart, Alaska.
Red Seward Church
Denali Road enrout to Denali.
Denali Road
The Toklat River and Wyoming Hills
Toklat River and Wyoming Hills
A set of male reindeer antlers seen near the Toklat River in Denali National Park
Denali Antlers
Mount Seargent Robinson as see from Alaska Highway 1 near Palmer, Alaska
Mt Sergeant Robinson
Erosion uncovering soil with iron content makes a copper color near Glenallen, Alaska.
Copper Mountain
Denali, the great mountain, very rarely stands naked to the world.
The gigantic stamp mill at Kennecott is a multi-story building that houses hugh machines.
Kennecott Mill
An old wooden fishing trawler run aground on the Knik Arm nea Anchorage, Alaska.
Anchorage Shipwreck
An abandoned log cabin found in Ninilchick Bay on the Kenai Pennensulia in Alaska.
Ninilchick Shack

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