On the Road

Hi ho . . .
July 2006 - Fun at the Heber summer show.

Something to Write Home About
June 2006 - First visit to Canyon de Chelly.

Campfire Tales
May 2006 - The bad camping trip.

License to Fly
June 2005 - What happens when you loose your identifaction.

Looking At You
May 2005 - Honey, where are my glasses?

Snow White
April 2005 - Winter driving on a Montana photo shoot.


Living With Royalty

Hot Time in the Old Town
Jul 2009 - Dinner's that bring back memories..

Spitting Image
Oct 2007 - Suffering at the plastic surgeon's.

Jul 2007 - Summer and the truck needs repair.

Hear it Again . . . for the First Time
May 2007 - DVRs as a new miracle medical device.

Ring in the New
August 2006 - How to slip one past the little lady.