Matted prints offered for sale.


As a photographer who "grew up" in the era of traditional photographers, I consider my final product as a print. The digital age has made it easy for me to convert one of my captures to a compressed file and show it on my Web pages. It's my hope that you enjoy and can appreciate the images as much as I enjoy presenting them, but I know that you're not getting the full product. After all, in an eight-bit web image you are only seeing a fraction of one of my sixteen-bit prints. The subtle tonal ranges of a print on Baryta paper can only been witnessed when you hold it in your hands.


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Over the last thirteen years, I have tried various marketing ploys to encourage print sales; sliding scales, open and limited edition prints and other gimmicks. I've circled back to the beginning and I'm simplifying my prices. I make signed un-numbered prints in three sizes; small, medium and large. Here are the prices:

Small: 9" (long side) mounted in an 11"x14" mat – $40.00  
Med: 16" (long side) mounted in a 24"x18"-20" mat - $60.00
Large: 20" (long side) mounted in a 28"x19"-22" mat - $90.00
The only additional charge will be shipping and that changes on how you'd like them shipped, but an USPS Express Mail box for the small sizes is under $6.00 within the Continental US. At shows and galleries most of my work is sold framed. I get my frames from a local frame shop so I pay the same prices that you do. Since there is a greater risk of shipping damage with frames and glass, I recommend getting frames from a local source

Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon.