Sonora Monsoon

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An autumn thunderhead rises above the KofA Mountains in western Ariozna.
KofA Thunderhead
A sky streaked with cirrus clouds tells of changing weather.
Cirrus Streak
Dawn breaks over Kirkland Junction with beautiful pink clouds in the sky.
Kirkland Junction
A beautiful white thunderhead builds over the Weaver Range in Congress, Arizona.
White Thunderhead
A grove of mesquite trees about to get soaked in a monsoon storm Congress, Arizona.
Mesquite 2017
Monsoon clouds bring rain to Skull Valley, Arizona.
Skull Valley Monsoon
During the months leading upt to the monsoon, the desert sky is bone dry.
Dry Sky
Dawn at the Palo Verde Hills the morning after a summer monsoon storm.
Palo Verde Dawn
After forming over the Bradshaw Mountains, a storm cell moves south into Phoenix
North Cell
A large storm cell moves north over Buckeye in the hours before sunrise.
White Barn
A discarded Ford Pickup truck in the junk yard of an Arlington dairy farm.
Ford Truck
As a threat to flood homes in the Arlington Valley, the Gillespie Dam was dynamited druing a bad rain.
Gillespie Dam
After an evening of thunderstorms, dawn breaks over the White Tank Mountains
White Tank Dawn
In the desert near Floance, the sky glows red over a cholla cactus.
Verga and Cholla
A large saguaro bathes in the light of a monsoon sunset.
Saguaro Sunset

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