Have A Seat - Found Furniture

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A discarded barrel chair in front of dead palm trees in Sulton City California.
Barrel Chair
 a blue reclining chair in front of a wall of graffitti by Jim Witkowski.
BLue Chair
A brown side chair found in a flood damaged trailer home phtotographed by Jime Witkowski.
Brown Chair
A discarded office chair found at Bombay Beach California at dawn.
Office Chair
An easy chair discarded behind an abandoned gas staton near Rice California.
Palm Chair
A white Lazy Boy recliner in an open Whitman field.
A broken school chair is used by farm hands to sit around a fire.
School Chair
In the early morning, a rocker sits in the shade of a guaze curtain.
Photo of what used to be a white sofa behind an abandoned trailer.
White Sofa

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