What is a folio?

I learned of this concept from the editor of LensWork, Brooks Jensen. Sometimes it takes more thant one photograph to tell a story. It may take a few, or maybe more than a dozen. A folio may be a work by itself or make up several volums over time. It's a story that take more than one photograph, but not enough to produce a book.

Here are the projects that I have assembled into folios for you. Each one has a collection of images that tell a story. If you visit their page by clicking on the thumbnail, you will be able to download a free PDF version and maybe buy the one that interests you.

July 2014

Santa Lucia Fog

I shot this collection of six photographs on a crisp morning in May 2013 as we traveled inland from Cambria for breakfast. As we drove up road into the coastal range called the Santa Lucia Mountains, we encountered a fog bank so I stopped to shoot these photos. . . . Find out more