Curve Appeal

A photo of my book Curve Appel.

A Road Trip to San Francisco On California's Backroads.

We were on our way to a San Francisco photo review, and we had a couple of extra travel days, so my friend Jeff and I set goals of getting there without stopping at Micky-D's and never getting onto a freeway. We packed our cameras, and since we had time, there was plenty of opportunity to stop and take pictures. We traveled back roads without a plan or schedule and reasonably thought, "If we get a couple of good shots, the tip was successful."

It was very successful. I came back with so many good images that I was able to publish my first small book. The forty pages contain over thirty photographs and my narrative of the trip. Even Queen Anne put in a guest appearance.

The book is available starting at $55.00 on, in three versions; soft cover, dust jacket (as shown) and hardcover with image wrap. You can visit the book's Blurb page by clicking on the photo link above or the hyperlink below, where you can preview the book's pages, and perhaps order a copy for yourself or as a gift.

Curve Appeal by Jim Witkowski