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Tombstone Canyon Road is Bisbee's main road and the site of the soap box races.
Palo Verde Post Office
Once a meeting hall for a charitable fraternity, the Pythion Castle is now used for a community center.
Piedmont Crossing
Overlooking Sedona as the sun sets.
Hotel Coffee Shop
Overlooking Sedona as the sun sets.
Red Crown Pumps
Shiny new spurs int the window of a Tombstone cowboy supply store.
The stars shine brightly over the Piedmont rail-road crossing near Congress, Arizona.
Buckeye Rendering
From Congress, 89 heads to Prescott by climbing the Weavers at Yarnell Hill.
Robson Honey
Dawn breaks over the railroad tracks heading north out of Congress.
deRosier Grocery
The closed Pitt & Washington Central Commercial Department Store in Seligman Arizona.
Heart of Bisbee
Seligman's Rusty Bolt Tavern.
Congress Track Sunrise
Swilling cabin ruins.
Richardson House
Rock Springs Out Builldings.
Cantina Door

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