Anchient Echoes

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Confront the harsh reality of 'vandalizedGraffiti', where the sacred petroglyphs on Navajo land near Tuba City bear the marks of modern disregard on ancient canvases.
Vandalized Graffitti
The Lomaki ruins at Wupatki National Monument, resembling cinder cone formations against a backdrop of dynamic clouds.
Lomaki Crater
Partial wall of an ancient kiva ruin under a sweeping blue sky in Homolovi State Park, Arizona.
Homolovi I
The rugged beauty of Homolovi's Kiva ruins foregrounds the distant San Francisco Peaks under a dynamic Arizona sky.
Kiva With Peaks
Ruins of a kiva at Homolovi State Park under a vast sky marked by crossing contrails.
Kiva And Contrails
Anasazi-era ruin built into a sandstone wall with fiery patterns on Cedar Mesa, Utah.
House On Fire
Kiva II ruins at Homolovi State Park under a wide blue sky, remnants of ancient Puebloan culture.
Kiva II
The Wukoki pueblo ruins rising starkly from the arid landscape at Wupatki National Monument under a painted sky.
Mesa Verde cliff wall with ancient Black Ruins built into the rock, showcasing darkened varnished walls.
Black Ruins
A rustic ladder leading to the Step House Ruins, set against the grand, weathered cliff walls of Mesa Verde National Park.
Step House Ladder
A solitary pottery shard from ancient Puebloan culture, found resting on a rock surface in Homolovi State Park.
Pottery Shard
The intricate Tower House ruins nestled within the cliff face of Mesa Verde National Park, as seen from an overhead vantage point.
Tower House

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