Andris Apse
Andris is the premier landscape photographer of New Zealand.

Christophe Cassegrain
Although Christophe lives in France, most of his portfolios are shot in southwest America.

Mitch Dobrowner
The first time I ever heard of Mitch was shortly after completing my Monsoon and seeing his work featured in Lenswork. I was blown away with the power of his storm series.

Jeffrey Goggin
A dear friend of mine and sometimes travel companion, Jeff is and outstanding and respected photographer. A bit of a contrarian by nature his work is anything but ordinary. On his photo blog, he’s managed to post a new photo nearly every day.

Joseph Holmes
Joseph is a California artist and a master of color management.

Markus Lehr
My friend Jeff brought this guy to my attention. I assume he's from Germany. He shoots ruins porn only he shoots at night. Some of the colors and moods he captures are simply jaw dropping. Check it out.

Michael Kenna
Michael’s work is mostly in black and white. I find his work serine and inspiring.

John Sexton
John is a photographer from the Adams school and has become a master in his own right. In addition to his prints and exibitions, his workshops are some of the most valued in the landscape photography community.

Paul Schilliger
When I grow up, I want to be able to shoot as well as Swiss Artist, Paul Schiller.


The only photography magazine worth collecting. Now if they only would include artists that worked in color.

The Online Photographer
Nothing gets done in the morning until I have a cup of coffee while checking out The Online Photographer.

Luminous Landscape
Michael Reichman's site is rich with photography information. If you want to learn about photo stuff, chances are you can find it here.



This is the camera equipment I've been using for the last couple of years. In a dream world, I'd be using the 80mp back, but I make do with the 28mp back for now.

Gitzo Tripod
My recom-mendation on tripods is, buy the best you can afford. You'll have it longer than many cameras. My current tripod is one of the carbon fiber models. When you have to schlep it around, lighter is good.

Epson 3800 Printer
My current workhorse is the 3800 from Epson. It gives me rich prints up to 16x20 inches and I don't have to change the ink every other print.

Hahnemuhle Paper
I use Baryta FB that has a weight of 350 gsm. It has rich deep blacks and makes for stunning prints.

Casita Travel Trailers
There comes a time in one’s life that sleeping in a tent just doesn’t cut it anymore. Having dirt for a bed is bad enough, but at my age, putting my socks on is impossible. While having the provisions you need is great, having to own Exxon stock to transport them is quite another. Here’s the solution we chose. Packed and ready to go on a moments notice, it’s easy to tow, quick to set up, and it keeps us warm on cold rainy days.