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These were photos taken during the past year. Click on a thumbnail to see full size image.

An old wooden barn at the edge of a golden field in Petrolia, California.
Petrolia Barn
The setting sun shines on a prickly peark and hills near Bagdad.
Prickly Pear and Bagdad Hills
The setting sun lights up a string of clouds above Kirkland Valley.
Kirkland Valley Sky
Hills along the northern California Coast.
Petrolia Hills
The only interesting architecture in Bagdad, Arizona is this community church.
Bagdad Community Church
A pair of descansos flank highway 94 outside of Bagdad, Arizona.
Bagdad Descanso
Low clouds hang over the mountains in Turnagain Pass Alaska.
Turnagain Pass
Black Mountain Mine near Bullhead City, Arizona.
Black Mountain Mine
St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Sewart, Alaska.
Red Seward Church
Russian Orthadox Church in Ninilchik, Alaska.
Russian Orthadox Church
Large white blossoms of an Argentine Cactus in Congress, Arizona.
Argintine Cactus
Claret Cup Hedgehog cactus in bloom in Congress, Arizona.
Claret Cup
Coral blossoms on a columder cactus in Congress, Arizona.
Coral Cactus Flowers
Hot pink blossoms on a long thorn cholla in Congress, Arizona.
Long Thorn Cholla Blossoms
Aloe and Prickly Pear in bloom in Congress, Arizona.
Aloe and Prickly Pear
A barrel cactus and off-shoot in Congress, Arizona.
Barrel Cacti
Spring poppies along a roads fenceline.
Fenceline Poppies
Blooming brittlebush on a slope below an ironwood tree.
Ironwood and Brittlebush
A warm spring sunset on Vulture Peak near Wickenburg, Arizona.
Vulture Peak
Blooming brittlebush before a lichen covered outcrop.
Lichen and Brittlebush
Cholla and Sagauro in a spring green desert field.
Cholla and Sagauro
Spring poppies along a roads fenceline.
Fenceline Poppies
An Ocitillo at the Robson Ranch mineing town.
Robson Ranch Ocitillo
Denali Road enrout to Denali.
Denali Road
The Toklat River and Wyoming Hills
Toklat River and Wyoming Hills
Joshua tree and the Date Creek Range.
Date Creek Joshua
A Yucca plant and the Date Creek Range
Date Creek Yucca
The old Western States Petroleum warehouse.
Western States Petroleum
Steam Engine 761 on display in Wickenburg
Steam Engine 761
The west fork of the Toklat River from Polychrom Pass.
West Fork Toklat River
Ground fog surrounds the KOFA range.
Mt Jimmy Simpson
Ground fog surrounds the KOFA range.
KOFA Range Fog
Historic bridge over the Colorado River
Yuma Crossing
Snow on the Weavers on Christmas Day.
Weaver Range Christmas
Top of the World Highway in Canada's Yukon Territories.
Top of the world highway
Sunset on a Palo Verde tree in Merritt Pass.
Merrit Pass Palo Verde
Date Creek Range during sunset Christmas Day.
Date Creek Range
A spectacular sunset near Wenden Arizona.
Wenden Sunset
Red rental canoes on a rainy day at Lake Louise.
Rental Canoes at Lake Louise
The Weaver Range on Thanksgiving 2016.
Weavers Thanksgiving 2016
The famous frog rock outside of town.
Congress Frog Rock
A vintage Airstream trailer is offered for sale on a Congress Lot.
Airstream For Sale
Peyto Lake during a June snowstorm
Peyto Lake Snowstorm
Lake Louise glacial waters under a clearing spring storm.
Lake Louise
Sheffler's Motel is in Salome, Arizona along US Route 60.
Sheffler's Motel
An old motel along US 60 as it passes through Salome, Arizona
Salome Motel
Vimy Peak on the east shore of Waterton Lake.
Vimy Peak and Waterton Lake
The light faces of Lime Mountain overlooking the east shore of Tagish Lake
Tagish Lake and Lime Mountain
Cameron Falls in Waterton National Park Alberta, Canada
Cameron Falls
Little Chief Mountain in Glacier National Park, Montana.
Little Chief Mountain
Baring Creek in Glacier National Park, Montana
Baring Creek
The Ruby Range is reflected in the mirror like waters of Kluane Lake in the Yukon Terratories
Kluane Lake and Ruby Range