Little Chief Mountain in Glacier National Park, Montana
Little Chief Mountain
Baring Creek in Glacier National Park, Montana
Baring Creek
I’m a photographer searching the world for facinating subjects to capture. My work is for sale as open edition and limited edition prints, licensed images, folio collections and books.

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If not a print, how about a tee shirt?

We’ve heard it many times, “I love your work, but I haven’t any room for new art on my walls.” Well . . . you can have your cake and eat it. I’ll even give you the shirt off my back . . . or a bedspread, pillow, phone case and even a USB battery charger. In this world of mass produced products, imagine having a tote bag uniquely printed for you. All of these items and more can be custom printed for you with any of my images. Isn’t technology grand?

Click on the tee shirt image or here and visit our online gift shop. I think you’ll be amazed at all the crap we can have printed for you. As it says on the page, “Every purchase includes a money-back guarantee.” What more could you ask for?